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FAQs for MycroBurst Clients

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Interested in hosting a project(s) on MycroBurst? Please read the following guidelines carefully.

What's included in the Complete Web Design Solution?
How many website pages will I receive?
How does my website design become a ready-to-launch website?
Will you provide me with a website domain?
Can I add features to my website such as image integration or an interactive calendar?
How do I run a successful design project?
What is a “Guaranteed” project? Why should I guarantee my project?
What happens if I do not “Guarantee” my project?
How do I make a contest “Guaranteed” after I start a contest?
What is a Veiled Project?
What is a “Featured Listing”?
How do I “Feature” a project? Why should I feature my project?
What is the “Top Blog Advertising and Email Blast”?
What is a “Private” project?
Why would I need to make my contest Private?
How do I make a contest Private?
Can I make my project private after it is already launched / closed?
What if I need my designs right away?
How do I “Expedite” a contest?
How long does a project last?
Can I extend my project?
What if I want to change my creative brief after I start my contest?
How many designs will I be able to choose from?
How can I increase the number of drafts I receive?
What is a Donation?
How can I Cancel a Project?
What is the Refund Policy?
How much do different types of design contests cost on MycroBurst?
Are there any additional services or upgrades that I can use to improve/promote my design contest?
What are the advantages of buying a package?
What does a website design contest include?
What will my total cost be?
What methods of payments are accepted at
What is the money back guarantee and how does it work?
What if I am dissatisfied with the design entries submitted to my project?
What happens to the designs if I do not pick a winner?
Is there a limit to the number of drafts I can receive?
What if I like more than one design?
Can I increase the prize amount after I start a contest?
How do I select a Winner?
How much time do I have to select a winner?
Can I make revisions to a logo after the project is complete?
How do I start the revision process, when a project is complete?
How do I get my design files?
What type of files will I receive?
What do these different file formats mean? When do I use them?
How can I contact a designer?
Can I work with a designer after a project is complete?
Will I be able to Trademark the design?
How do I report a trademark issue or a copied design?

How It Works FAQs for MycroBurst Designers