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FAQs for MycroBurst Designers

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Are You a Designer? Please read the important information below:

Read the Creative Brief!
Payment Methods
Processing Fees
Submit your Designs!
If you are the Winning Designer…
How to Submit a Design
Clipart – Don’t Use It!
Stock Images / Stock Photos – Don’t Use It!
Am I obligated to convert the template into HTML?
Source Files Requirement for a Winning Design
What if another designer uses my design?
Am I obligated to make revisions to a design once a project is completed?
Can the project holder ask me for a copy of my entry before the project ends?
How do I know I'll get paid after transferring the copyright?
What happens to my entries if a project is refunded?
What happens to my payment if a project is refunded?
How do I get paid?
Payment Schedule

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